Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeepers

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Dear Participants:

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to further your knowledge by purchasing Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeepers. We are excited and look forward to assist you on your journey.

This Workbook and Power Point Presentation is designed to prepare you for your role as a Bookkeeper in any type of business. Each module is designed with basic understanding of bookkeeping for posting information from the source documents to the finished product—The Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

The Power Point Presentation gives you practical exercises along with the answers that are designed to assess your knowledge and help you improve your bookkeeping skills.

In addition to both the workbook and power point presentation you will have a limited amount of hours of consultation to help you along your journey.

Thank you for purchasing Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeepers manual and Power Point Presentation.

Great Success to you!

It is often said that a business can not survive without a good Accountant/Bookkeeper. You have just put your business on the track to surviving.

Module I Basic Bookkeeping Terms teaches you bookkeeping terminology.

Module II through Module IV carry you through posting, journaling to the trial balance.

Lastly Module V is the Income Statement and Module VI is the Balance Sheet.

After completing all of the modules, you will have the basic knowledge to help your business thrive in the business world.

Thank you

Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeepers

Bookkeeping for Non-Bookkeepers