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“Tis” The Season-2016 is now in the record book. You found the perfect gift for all the special people on your list. The decorations are carefully returned to their original boxes. The tree, yes, the tree the family carefully chose is now dumped on the curve ready for pick up. Now comes the credit card bills, and you must find a way to pay the additional charges from the holidays. Let’s call it a Debt Hangover.

Per MagnifyMoney found the average customer took on a debt of $1,003, up from 2015 of $986, an increase of 1.7%. On an average, 46% of customers will need four months to pay the debt. MaginfyMoney Credit Card Payoff Calculator.

Like the year before you promised a sound spending plan for your favorite people on your holiday list, but just like before, you went beyond your plan. Why? Society has taught us that the pricey/more gifts you purchase, the gift is more appreciated. However, those gifts are soon forgotten. Changing your Money Mindset towards spending during the season will save you credit card debt, and save you the holiday stress.

A Better Way to Choose a Christmas Present

• What is it the person needs? Begin with asking the person “what do you need instead of what you want”, allows the person to think, making a sounder decision. Just imagine, you would receive a gift you needed and couldn’t afford it; the gift would be more valuable while lasting longer; not the standard 30 days.

• What about books? Children (adults) like books. This gift can be given in additional to other gifts you may give. I believe the best thing I did for my children was the gift of books. Children (adults) like comic books of their favorite hero (she-roes). Books on history are fun to read and full of adventure.

And the Envelope Please.

As you begin to make your list and checking it twice, use the envelope to write their names, the potential gift, and the amount you wish to spend.
Always consulting your Financial Psychologist on how to improve your Money Mindset when it comes to spending for the Holidays, will save you from the Debt Hangover that appears every January.

About Anita R Johnson: Financial Psychologist. A financial psychologist will partner with your financial advisory to help you meet your financial goals and Finding Your Financial Voice.


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