Creating a Money Mindset Change

Don’t miss the interactive online seminar that answers your the serious questions of where did your money mindset originate from, what is your Money Mindset Thermostat and How Can I Improve my Mindset?
You have the opportunity to purchase any part or all three parts of the Online Seminar. You have a choice, one, two or three, or all three, your choice. Select the part you relate to and receive your special code to hear the Online Seminar.

These questions and more can be found in this 3-Part Online Seminar Creating a Money Mindset Change.

Part #1 of 3 (Day One)
Your Money Mindset Thermostat Number

To understand your money mindset, it is pertinent that you know your money mindset zone.
The Zones
• The Caution Zone, Well, Maybe I will invest.
• The Comfort Zone, I ‘m good-I could learn more, But
• The Action Zone, I will act with my finances. I’m ready for every situation.

Part #2 of 3 (Day Two)
Improve Your Mindset Thermostat

Whatever your mindset zone, Part #2 will give insight on how you view/feel about your money. A quick exercise will help you go from Caution Zone to Action Zone.

Part #3 of 3 (Day Three)
Find Your Financial Voice

Once you have taken the first step in knowing what your Money Mindset Thermostat number is, then you can begin to increase your Financial Knowledge that gives you Financial Power; therefore, finding your Financial Voice.
Financial Mindset + Financial Knowledge + Financial Power= Your Financial Voice

All Three Parts